Attock Rig Tec

Kafi Rig Tec Drilling Training Centre

We are an oil and gas drilling industry training organization providing internationally recognized examination facilities and drilling & well control courses that include drilling equipment, drilling practices and technology, well control and other drilling industry technical training.

In addition to the regular training courses required in the industry, KAFI, DRILLING SCHOOL also provides courses required customized to client’s requirements including drilling technical courses competence, management, leadership & HSE courses in whichever language client prefers. The school is run by long standing drilling industry professionals, RIG Hands who have spent a considerable portion of their lives on both land & offshore rigs & are highly trained and experienced in the requirement of their profession.

They are advised and assisted by a specialist in industrial drilling education & industrial methods well control courses held at KAFI DRILLING SCHOOL are accredited by the international well control Forum (IWCF) & international Association of Drilling contractors (IADC well CAP).

Another key that has helped KAFI DRILLING SCHOOL to the highly successful has been its approach to well control & other Drilling Problems such as well control the same way that’s the hole is drilled. The approach each section or the while differently, explaining the problems & solutions that are unique to that section of hole. Thus well control and other drilling problems are conversed several times during the course & student gains a better over all understanding of drilling problems.


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